Covid Tips

Covid-19 has turned the world upside down causing brides worldwide to post-pone their weddings.This can cause even more stress for you as a newly engaged and effecting the planning you have started. We here at the Naples Wedding Barn understand and are here to help you navigate the disarrayed emotions you are feeling by giving you some tips to help you maneuver through these rough times. Let's take some stress away by giving you a breather and a place to start!



Choosing your wedding date can take a lot of time and deliberation but due to the restrictions now, a lot of pre-booked scheduled weddings have been given priority in choosing their new date. So the remaining dates for 2020 and early 2021 are very limited and are booking quite promptly. It would be in your best interest to reserve your date if it is still available. Don't miss out on your perfect date!

3: Have Back Ups

Understandably so you may not want to give in on your day and that's ok! Just make sure you have back ups prepared for that situation. Maybe your vendors have already been pre-booked for that day so it would be prudent to have a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th option available. If you decided to book with us, we have a vendor page with many options for you to choose from! Saving you time looking far and wide for someone who will help your day shine. 

2: Be Flexible

Vendors are super understanding of the situation going on right now and want to help as much as they can. So much so they are temporarily offering weekday options for you! The Naples Wedding Barn certainly does even before these times. What does this mean for you? Most times it means your venue will save you money because it's cheaper during the week. It also means you get to keep the month you've been wanting as well as the other vendors you've been working with (such as bartenders, caterers, DJ's and etc).

In the end this day is all about you and if the tips above are not for you, it's OK to wait! Waiting will still benefit you! You'll be able to save up more so you don't feel that financial crunch. It also helps your guests as well to save, which means more will be able to attend and will take additional stress and frustration off of everyone. Right now is tough on everyone and we hope these tips will help you plan and take some weight off your shoulders. 

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