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Common Wedding Barn Venue Mistakes

When you start planning your wedding, you soon realize there are many aspects that come to light that are included that you would have never realized until you start planning. There are aspects that escape your sight and you don't even realize you need to plan until it's too late. However we are here to help and show you all the hidden secrets that you should keep in mind that will assist you in picking your perfect wedding barn venue. 

Is Your Wedding Barn Venue Legal?

It might sound a little wild and you might be thinking "what do you mean is my barn venue legal?" It's actually quite simple. If they are operating against local zoning or land use laws they are operating illegally. Which can be devastating for you because it means those barns can close permanently anytime. That for sure will throw a wrench into your plans quickly. So the important thing for you to check are three very important factors.

1) Are they zoned agriculture?

2) Are they a bona-fide commercial farm?

3) Do they classify as agricultural?

You can always ask your venue but there is a chance that they don't know. A scary case yes, however an easy fix by either checking your local property appraiser (which can be done online) or by googling the local zoning map (also can be checked online). If none of the three questions can be answered with a yes after checking, it would definitely be in your best interest to look for a new venue.

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Is There Climate Control & Plumbing?

bride with no ac.jpg

You would be surprised by how many wedding barn venues not only do not have working indoor plumbing but they also do not have AC! That is something you'll realize is crucial for your choice of venue. These two items will actually become a hidden cost for you. You'll end up having to pay for either a portable restroom trailer or worse a port-a-potty. You don't want your guest much less your self to use an outhouse. Without AC can be equally brutal. More so for your elderly guests. A fan can only circulate the air but it cannot take out or control the humidity like an AC unit can. Especially when you have a large crowd gathered and all that body heat radiating off of the guests.


Do They offer Rainy Day Plans?


Now we all know we can't control the weather. No matter how much we want to but what we can do is plan for such occasions. Unfortunately this can become ANOTHER hidden fee! Sometimes if they do have another site that happens to be inside, they will charge you a fee for moving the site. Say they don't have an inside site then you have more fees that will start to add up like tents, permits, sound systems,etc. That can add up very quickly for you. So keep the weather in mind and check with your venue to figure out your rainy day plans.

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Do They Have Bride/Groom Rooms?

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Traditionally and more often than not, Brides want to get ready away from the groom so the big reveal is the moment they walk down the aisle and all the sparks fly. You see the groom tearing up and everything is so perfect. However did you ever consider that your wedding barn venue doesn't have separate rooms or any rooms to get ready at all? In many venues that is the case! Make sure to ask your venue if they have them and be doubly sure by checking them to make sure they are big enough for you and your bridal party!

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Are You Getting Your Full Value?

This is the part where you get really frustrated. You finally found a venue you love. They have everything you need from the points above but where they really get you is in the small details. They end up charging you a bunch of miscellaneous fees. From setting up the tables, to charging you for a big guest list, to even clean up fees and more! Make sure you are getting what you paid for and what you think you paid for. Ask what is included in the renting price and what extras you will have to pay for. Is there a fee for using a vendor not on their vendor list? Is there a fee for setting up? It's also good to ask other engaged couples or past brides what they suggest to ask and look for

wedding savings.jpg

We, at the Naples Wedding Barn, are here for you and after listening to all our brides we put this together to help you decide and relax just a little. Whether you go with us (we do have check marks on all these boxes) or not, it is still important for you to know all this information to make your day run smoothly and efficiently. From our family to yours we hope this helps and hope that your day is nothing less than magical! 

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